Calendar During COVID-19


In-Person Fall Sesshin – October 20 to October 23

Evening Zazen – every Wednesday at 7:05pm

Morning Zazen – Mondays and Fridays

7:05am – Zoom room opens

7:10am – to be seated on cushions

7:15am – Robe Chant followed by the bell ringing 3 times

7:45am – End of sitting

Sunday Sit’n’Study Schedule: (Click here for further information)

July 3: Wendy Van Tongeren – “Kanji: A Good Death, A Bad Death” from The Book of Householder Koans, eds. Marko and Nakao

July 10: Doug Reid – “Delusion and Suffering”, Dainin Katagiri, Each Moment is the Universe

July 17:  Centa Uhalde – TBA

July 24: Ashley Moran –  “It’s all about Love and Joy” and “How to Live if you’re going to Die”
Blanche Hartman, Seeds for a Boundless Life

July 31: Sheila Dobie –“Close Attention”, from Ch. 8, Maureen Stuart, Subtle Sound

August 7: Zona McKenzie – “Listening to the rain, I passed the cold night hours”, Harada, Moon by the Window

August 14: Marion Pape –  “Timeless Freedom” from “Each Moment Is The Universe” by Dainin Katagiri, 

Wednesday Zazen Talks Schedule:  

June 29: Ann Colburn
July 6: Peter
July 13: Fusatsu Ceremony
July 20: Annika Lund
Aug 3: Peter
Aug 17: Michelle Reed
Sept 7: Ashley Moran
Sept 21: Peter
Oct 5: Geoff Fishleigh
Oct 19: Peter
Nov 2: Koya Mathias 
Nov 9: Fusatsu Ceremony
Nov 16: Judy Daylen
Nov 30: Peter
Dec 7: Simon Rompre
Dec 21: Peter