Study Archive (Page 4)

 April 10: Shirley: “Emma: Pocket of Love”, from The Book of Householder Koans, Eve Marko and Wendy Nakao

April 17: Simon: “Daowu’s Condolence Call” from Blue Cliff Record: Koan Case 55

May 1: Geoff Fishleigh – “ Being Alive is Enough” and “Responsibility for the Gift”, Blanche Hartman

May 8: Edie Brown – “The Truth of This Life: Zen Teachings on Loving the World as It Is” – Page 91 – True Intimacy, Katherine Thanas 

May 15: Hannah Sullivan – “Practice and Enlightenment”, Dainin Katagiri, Each Moment is the UniverseZen and the Way of Being Time. Published by Shambhala Publications Dec 2, 2008