The first set of teachings are informal in-the-moment reflections on a variety of practice related topics offered by Peter after Wednesday evening zazen on Salt Spring Island. They were recorded starting in 2008, and appear here by title, but not in chronological order. The link to the talk appears beneath the title.

Further down the page you may select some of the more formal talks given at sesshin over the years.

For those of you who listen to these teachings and offer a donation, please know that your generosity helps to make these talks available.  We thank you for your kind contribution.

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If the teaching you’ve selected is on the quiet side, you may like to use ear buds or head phones.


Active Participation in Loss

Awareness Practice of O Sa Ki Ni

Affecting Our Environment

Ball Rolling Across an Empty Ground

Being Where We Actually Are

Chilean Miners and Women Ancestors

Desires, No Preference and Wholeness

Discussion with Sangha: Seeing Ourselves Without Judging

Feelings are Gateways to the Real

Finding Perfect Existence Within Imperfect Existence

Going All the Way

Hard Working Hippies


Kido: An Experiment in Speed Walking, Chanting and Surrender

Murders in Norway

No Gap


Tozan’s Poem and Reflective Samadhi

Way-seeking Mind

What’s the Most Important Thing?

Informal Talks on Dogen’s Teachings in Shobo Genzo

Manifestation of Great Prajna Talk 1

Manifestation of Great Prajna Talk 2

Manifestation of Great Prajna Talk 3

Manifestation of Great Prajna Talk 4

Utmost Sincerity and a Trusting Heart

Utmost Sincerity and a Trusting Heart Talk 2: Letting Go

Wisdom, Compassion and Arousing Way-seeking Mind


Talk at San Francisco Zen Center Celebrating the Publication of Dogen’s Shobo Genzo

2019 Autumn Study Retreat

A Kind Heart: October 27, 2019

2019 Spring Sesshin

Talk 1. Inmost Request: April 5, 2019

Talk 2. The Freeing Tether April 6, 2019

2018 Autumn Study Retreat

Talk 1. Introduction to Genjo Koan / Actualizing the Fundamental Point

Talk 2. Sincere Being and Actualization

Talk 3. Ignorance Means the Mind Moves3

2018 Spring Sesshin

Talk 1: Can We Stop Violence Non-Violently?

Talk 2: Action No-action

2017 Autumn Study Retreat

Talk 1: Silent Concentration of Mind


Talk 2: Continuous Practice

Talk 3: Zen Householders

2017 Spring Sesshin

Talk 1: Three Poisons – Greed

Talk 2: Three Poisons – Hatred or Il Will


Talk 3: Three Poisons – Ignorance


Compassion and Atisha’s Mind Training Slogans – Part 1

Compassion and Atisha’s Mind Training Slogans – Part 2

Inside The Cocoon

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