During the physical distancing phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, Salt Spring Zen Circle has adapted the Sit’n’Study for online access via Zoom video conferencing, and we’ve found it an intimate and enjoyable way to study the Dharma together. To access the meeting, please sign up for our Friends list and an email will be sent to you with the meeting link. The week’s text is posted to the calendar.

The Zoom zendo will be open from 7:00am for optional zazen before study group starts at 9:00am. You are welcome to join at any time, but please ensure Audio is set up in advance to the “always mute on entry” option under settings. Please see below for this week’s study text. The weekly schedule is as follows:

Robe Verse, Zazen 7am – 7:45am (optional)

Kinhin 7:45am – 8am (optional)

Zazen 8am – 8:45am – Break (optional)

Study Session 9am – 10am

If you have been attending Sunday Sit’n Study for some time and wish to offer the service of leading a study session, please choose a text from the list on the Study page, or one of your own.  To encourage a spirit of service and nurture the community’s study and practice of Zen, those who have not yet had the opportunity to lead a session will be given priority. You are welcome to request any date, even dates which already have a scheduled study leader. Please send your request more than a week ahead. Email your selection and the date you wish to lead to Benny at, or Koya at