Study Texts

Books by Women Zen Teachers

The Truth of This Life, Katharine Thanas

Seeds for a Boundless Life, Blanche Hartman

Subtle Sound, Maureen Stuart 

Receiving the Marrow, ed. F. Carney.

Being Time, Shinshu Roberts

Ordinary  Wonder, Charlotte Joko Beck

How to Train a Wild Elephant, Jan Chozen Bays

Waking Up to What You Do”, Diane Rizzetto

Zen Koan Collections – old and new

The Book of Householder Koans, ed. Nakao and Marko

Bring Me the Rhinoceros, Tarrant

The Hidden Lamp, Fischer and Kaplow

The Gateless Barrier, Aitken

The Book of Equanimity, Wick, Glassman

The Book of Serenity, Cleary

Zen Koans, Heine

The Gateless Gate, Yamada

The Blue Cliff Records

The Book of Mu, Ford and Blacker

Moon by the Window, Harada