Welcome to Salt Spring Zen Circle!

After reading about our group and the various practice opportunities we offer, we hope you will feel free to join us at any time, whether you are completely new to meditation or Zen, or have experience in Zen or any other meditation tradition.

Salt Spring Zen Circle is a grassroots Zen meditation group, led by Eihei Peter Levitt, who was fully authorized as a Zen teacher in the Suzuki-roshi lineage by Zoketsu Norman Fischer of Everyday Zen. Peter founded the Salt Spring Zen Circle and has been our teacher since 2001.

Our weekly Wednesday night meditation practice (zazen) begins at 7:15 PM and ends before 9:00 PM. We meet at 210 Cedar Lane, about three minutes drive from Ganges. This practice is open to everyone and you can just show up–no need to register. Please leave enough time for travel so that you can be comfortably settled by 7:05 PM. If you have any questions or prefer to make contact before attending for the first time, you can get in touch with Judith (250-537-2062).

People who are new to Zen often like to join us for our half-day of practice. In general, these are offered every two months on the last Sunday of the month. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of Zen practice and we encourage you to attend. Often, these Sunday meetings include an opportunity to explore and discuss the many facets of Zen and how they apply to everyday life,

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, we offer a four day traditional Zen retreat (called sesshin in Japanese) at the beautiful Gatehouse on Salt Spring Island. This silent retreat is a profound opportunity to experience Zen sitting, walking, eating, working, dharma talks, private meetings with the teacher and more in a formal, traditional manner.

If you would like to learn more about any part of our practice, please feel free to contact Peter by email.