Sangha Membership

Salt Spring Zen Circle offers two types of membership.

Active Membership is defined as:

1. A commitment expressed in the form of paying annual membership fees, or alternatively communicating the need for a reduction or waiver with Peter or the Treasurer.

2. Developing and maintaining a regular sitting practice. Please discuss this with our guiding teacher if you have questions about how to do this.

3. Active participation in Sangha life through attendance at zazen, as much as possible, offering service to help the Sangha function, and attendance at other practice events.

4. Voluntary support of our teacher through the practice of dana.

Active members will receive regular emails regarding Salt Spring Zen Circle activities and events.

We wholeheartedly welcome Active Members who live off-island. It is understood that off-islanders will occasionally be able to attend sangha events.

The other category of membership is “Friends of the Salt Spring Zen Circle.”

“Friends” are those who are not active members, but who would like to remain connected to the sangha.  Friends of the Sangha will be notified by email of the main sangha practice opportunities.

Please contact Simon Rompre at or Judith Daylen at for questions about becoming a member.